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The Benefits

  • Keep your team on task
  • Stay within budget
  • Hit or beat your deadlines
  • Expand your team's expertise
  • Get the job done right...the first time

You have an in-house department now, which provides your company with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-per-Click (PPC) management. You are satisfied with the results you get, and are happy with the team you have in place. So why would you need outside assistance?

How is your scalability? An agency typically assigns an individual, or small team, to a client. But when faced with a large project, they simply pull additional resources from other teams to stay on target. This isn't so easy to do with an in-house Internet Marketing team. Until now.

If you find yourself up against a tight deadline, or you need additional resources to get a sizable project completed - contact me. With over 10 years experience in SEO, PPC, Social Media, Usability, and Analytics - I can fill your scalability need - or pull together the expert resources to do so.


How it Works

Every situation is unique, and each project distinctive. Depending on your need, I, or my resource team, will meet with your key stakeholder(s) to determine the best course of action to get the results you need.

In a "typical" scenario, we will work on-site for a significant portion of the project, to ensure absolute focus with your in-house team. We will evaluate your needs and assign duties accordingly - or we will take our cues from your in-house team director.

We are prepared with a full suite of tools, reports, and strategies; but we are also accustomed to falling in line with the resources your team utilizes, if necessary for company policy or team procedure.

Upon completion of the assigned project(s), we submit a project summary and executive report, detailing our relevant tasks, results, and additional project notes.

Next Steps

To learn more about our services, rates, and how we might help you succeed, please contact me via phone, email, or inquiry form.